New Website Launch — and the Law of Comparative Advantage

Welcome to our new product website! We are excited to launch this new design, which will showcase our product, our past and current projects, and our growing team. As a software company, it can be tempting to design a product website using the technologies we love and use every day — Vue, React, Javascript… Our first product website for Canopy (which went live only 4 months ago) was built with the Vue.js framework using code from one of Monomer Software’s other product web pages. The website was simple and only took a few hours to build!

The problem was that we wanted to keep adding information to the website. We wanted to have a blog with routine posts and announcements. We wanted to easily add photos and videos to show how our cameras are being used in the field.

Matt (Co-Founder of Canopy and Lead Developer) has a math degree and often reminds me of the Law of Comparative Advantage, which is the ability of one party to produce goods or services at a lower opportunity cost than another party. Even though we might be able to develop and write the code for our product website ourselves (we ARE a software company after all), the time spent on this is an opportunity cost that takes away from our time and resources to develop our core product — the Canopy platform.

Because of this, we have chosen to switch to WordPress — a platform used universally and with many easy-to-use features, for this product website. This shift to WordPress means our sales and marketing team can update the website easily while keeping our developers focused on writing code for the Canopy platform. As much as our developers would love to continue coding what is ultimately a marketing website, we must abide by the Law of Comparative Advantage and keep them focused on what matters most!

I look forward to writing blog posts like this to share not just what we can offer as a company, but also on what we are going through as an early-stage startup in an exiting field. If you enjoy learning about what we are up to, I’m sure we’ll be able to find a WordPress plugin that lets you subscribe to these blogs and receive notifications via email 😂


Harry Helmrich

Founder & CEO

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