Kickoff – Collaboration with the USF Computer Science Department

We recently kicked off our collaboration with the University of South Florida’s Computer Science department. This collaboration aims to explore the use and integration of thermal cameras with our edge-compute platform and color camera AI capabilities. The challenge this semester for the student group is to use a new FLIR Thermal Sensing chip alongside our color camera sensor to detect a soldering iron on a lab bench and alert if the soldering iron is left on. This problem is challenging because the thermal camera alone might not be able to tell the difference between a soldering iron and another hot object (candle, hot-glue gun, 3D printer extruder, etc). The key will be to implement a proper object detection algorithm from the color camera data and combine the data in a way to make actionable insights.

How could this technology be used for industrial problems? We have many ideas! Contact us if you would like to learn more: Get Started

This is our third semester as a Computing Partner and we’ve really enjoyed working with the students on these projects. If you are interested in partnering with USF for a project like this, check out the Industry Collaboration page of the USF Computer Science department:

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