Real-Time Video Analytics, Edge Computing, and Deep Learning Platform

Easily deploy A.I. Vision Technology across your operations with our hardware and software platform. Full solution offering or flexible licensable components for edge computing and efficient deep learning inference. Our software can be deployed to almost any NVIDIA GPU, including many of NVIDIA’s latest Edge Computing hardware.

Self-Cleaning. Rugged. Industrial.

Current Projects

Weir Box Flow

Classification of flow from a weir box at a mine processing facility.

Safety Process Auditing

Automatic detection of unsafe procedures. Ability to activate alarms directly in the field.

Material Quality

Classification of material quality on a fast moving conveyor belt in real-time.

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Self Cleaning

Our industrial cameras have a patent-pending self-cleaning design to ensure optical clarity in the harshest environments, including severe chemical environments. Our cameras have withstood some of the most extreme industrial environments yet.

Built For Industry

Our platform comes included with the ability to connect to your PLC and other automation network interfaces. This flexibility makes data integration very easy and is as simple as a few clicks on the Canopy Web Portal. We have experience connecting with common PLC and Allen Bradley systems and can connect easily to other systems.

Edge Computing

Every camera has an onboard GPU to perform A.I. at the edge to reduce overall latency and bandwidth, while also ensuring the A.I. models have access to the highest-quality raw image data. By computing at the edge, it is easy to scale up and doesn’t require expensive, sophisticated network equipment or high-powered GPU clusters on-site.