Select from one of the two device options below:

Our Self-Cleaning Camera

Better results are achieved when using our self-cleaning AI camera. With this option, everything is included in a single device to perform AI at the edge. This camera is Powered-over-Ethernet like most other network cameras.

Your Camera + Our Edge AI Device

If you already have a camera installed, you can just purchase our Edge AI Device to get the full AI capabilities of the Canopy Platform.

Install the camera and complete any necessary setup

If you are using one of our self-cleaning cameras, simply plug the camera into the ethernet (with PoE). If using one of your own cameras, you will need to connect the Edge AI Device on a network that has access to your camera. You can then visit the Edge AI Device web portal via IP address and complete the setup process.

Video Recording
The Canopy Camera or Edge AI Device will begin recording video automatically

Depending on your application or project, you may only need to record video for a few days before you can start training the camera.

Extract Images
Using the Web Portal, you can extract images from the recorded video files

Select a wide variety of images -- night, day, cloudy, rainy, strong shadows, etc. The more variety in images, the better the model will train. You want to aim to extract between 3,000 - 5,000 for this first dataset

Annotate Images
Annotate your images using the web portal

Using the web portal, you can annotate images easily. For Image Classification (such as in the example above), you should be able to annotate 3,000 images in just a few hours.

Train the Model
Train the model

Connect the camera or Edge AI Device to our Canopy Cloud Training Service or use an On-Premise Training Server to train a model using your annotated images. A typical model takes approximately 8 hours to train.

Deploy AI Model
Deploy the model to the camera or Edge Droplet

Once model training is complete, the model can be deployed onto the camera (or Edge AI Device). You should now start seeing AI predictions on the live stream in real-time and can export data via the web portal.

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