Most camera projects with the Canopy AI Platform have costs ranging from $5,000 - $35,000 depending on project complexity, networking needs, and the level of service desired. Customers can save money by annotating images and training models themselves using the Canopy web portal. For Enterprise customers, additional networking services and consulting may be needed.

For most camera projects, an ongoing service agreement is recommended.

Edge AI Device

  • Onboard GPU
  • Powered-over-Ethernet
  • 30-days video recording
  • Connects to an existing camera
  • Easy to deploy

Self-Cleaning Camera

  • Onboard GPU
  • Powered-over-Ethernet
  • 30-days video recording
  • Includes 4k color camera
  • Mounting hardware

Ongoing Service

  • 24/7 Remote Support
  • Ongoing software updates
  • Extended hardware warranty
  • Daily monitoring
  • Discounted ML services

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