PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT – Indoor Camera & Edge Compute Device

Today Canopy Vision is announcing and introducing two new hardware devices to its A.I. IIoT Edge Computing hardware portfolio.

NEW: Indoor Camera – Small Form Factor

In addition to the patent-pending self-cleaning camera meant for harsh environments, a new indoor camera is now available with a smaller form factor, adjustable camera positioning, and easily configurable lens options. This Mini Indoor Camera is powered over ethernet (PoE) and has compact size of 5″ x 5″ x 2″, allowing for installation in tight locations, within equipment enclosures, and on walls and surfaces with minimal intrusion. The camera can be tilted and adjusted to a horizontal or vertical position, eliminating the need for complex brackets or additional mounting hardware. This camera runs the same Canopy Vision platform for deploying A.I. models live at frame rates up to 40FPS with the base model. An upgraded compute model is available for higher FPS needs.

NEW: Edge Compute Device Droplet and Industrial Kiosk Computer

Alongside the camera offerings is small and simple Edge Compute Device “Droplet” to enable our edge-computing application to run with existing cameras. This droplet device does not contain a camera sensor and can be mounted in field locations at the nearest network switch. Through the Canopy Vision platform, the droplet can be configured to accept input from an existing camera stream and provide real-time edge-computing and A.I. model inference. Download our White Paper to learn more about the benefits of Edge Computing! In addition to acting as an edge-compute droplet, this device can also act as a Kiosk computer for operators or field technicians to view camera streams and interact with the Canopy Vision web portal. With it’s sleek form-factor, this device can easily be mounted in discreet locations and can be powered over ethernet to simplify cable and power needs.

Self-Cleaning Camera

The Canopy Vision Self-Cleaning Camera was built for harsh dirty environments. Typically installed at industrial facilities (mines, chemical plants, pulp & paper mills, and more) the patent-pending design allows for realtime A.I. success in environments where there is grease, sludge, chemical vapors, and more. Utilizing a clear disposable film, dirt adheres to this film rather than to the camera lens or enclosure. A motor advances the film to expose a clean view and keep the A.I model running. Typical competing products use a wiper or water spray, which simply does not work for greasy or sticky environments. This camera is powered over ethernet and can be mounted on a Pan/Tilt for automated object tracking in a wide range of environments. Check out the demo video of the self-cleaning camera in action.

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